Elementary Lesson Plans

“Chinese Dragon Puppets”

Paper and tempera paints

For Multicultural month in Chesapeake, the 2nd graders at Cedar Road Elementary learned more about China and the tradition of the Chinese New Year. Using this knowledge, they created Chinese dragon puppets by drawing the dragon through step-by-step instruction, painting the dragon with tempera cakes, and then cutting them out with assembling the body.

 To download full lesson plan please click here:chinesedragonpuppets 

“Aboriginal Dreamtime Art”

Grade Level: 4th

During Multicultural month, the 4th grade students studied the Aborigines of Australia and their Dreamtime art. For the project, the students were provided examples of Aboriginal symbols to use in the creation of their own Dreamtime drawings. After the drawings were complete, the students were given the chance to write down their stories to share with the class.

To download full lesson plan please click here:aboriginaldreamtime

Middle School Lesson Plans

“It’s All About You”

Grade Levels: 6th, 7th, & 8th

Self-Portraits with Clay and Mixed Media

This lesson plan is based on the work of 3 untrained artists, also known as Outsider Artists – Thornton Dial, Ab “The Flagman” Ivens, and Crossgirl. These artists used found objects in their works to express personal and social beliefs. The students learned about Outsider Artists and made self-portraits using symbols and colors as well as found objects and clay.

To download full lesson plan please click here:saturday-morning-art-class-lesson-plan1

 “Mandalas: Radial Designs”

Grade Level: 8th

Cut paper and colored pencils

In this project, the students learned about radial designs in nature, as well as man-made objects, such as Mandalas. While focusing on harmony, balance and unity (principles of design), the students created  Mandalas using personal symbolism and analogous colors to reflect their own personalities.

To download full lesson plan please click here:Mandalas